The Tanker Derbent , (1940 ) PDF Novel by Yury Krymov

The Tanker Derbent, (1940 ) PDF novel

The Tanker Derbent

The setting of Tanker "Derbent" is the shipping of oil across the Caspian Sea. Krymov named his fictional ship after the city of Derbent on the Caspian coast of the then Daghestan A.S.S.R. 

The novel illustrates how an ordinary communist turns an undisciplined crew into an efficient, cohesive collective. The novel found immediate critical success and was hailed as one of the best Socialist realist novels of the 1930s. Anna Karavaeva declared "In Krimov's story the theme of labor and the theme of rivalry at work are presented with profound lyricism". 
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Valentin Kataev admitted, "Frankly, I am somewhat envious, so well written are some of these pages." Anton Makarenko praised the book as "A living proof of the point of view that many of us hold, that a real writer, a real artist, issues from life."


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