The slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in (1919) by Elias Heifetz

The slaughter of the Jews in Ukraine in (1919)  by Elias Heifetz

The slaughter of the Jews in Ukraine

The basis of this book is material gathered by delegates of the All-Ukrainian Relief Committee for the Victims of Pogroms, under the auspices of the Red Cross, of which committee I was the chairman. Our aim was not only to supply money, food and clothing to the victims, render medical aid to the wounded and mutilated, and take care of the orphaned children; it was also to investigate to determine the true character of the events and ascertain the circumstances in which they occurred. 

Besides administering relief, our representatives, in accordance with a plan worked out by the Central Information Department of the committee, made careful investigations, questioning witnesses of all descriptions, the sufferers themselves, onlookers, and men in official or public positions. 

In large centres like Kyiv and Yekaterinoslav, to which refugees from numerous pogrom- stricken localities streamed, special bureaus were established for the purpose of taking down the testimony of the refugees. Sometimes, when the pogrom was large and complicated in its character, our committee delegates called conferences of all public and party organizations of the place, in order to determine the social and political causes of the pogrom and the motives animating the participants, as well as to gather all possible details. The conferees were able, through personal observation and material at their disposal, to clear up obscurities, throw light on all aspects of the situation, and make corrections and addenda to reports presented at the meetings.


I social and political causes... I 

Ii the directory 21 

Iii the Batko 57 

Iv the soviet power 84 

V the Denikin regime 99 

Vi self-defence 123 

Vii pogrom pictures a few episodes . . 141 

Viii results 175 


Supplement to chapter ii 
Report of a. I. Hillerson 

I. City of ovruch 185 

Ii. City of Proskurov 2o2 

Iii. Felshtin (government of Podolia) . 227 
Supplement to chapter iii 

I pogroms of struk's gangs .... 235 

Ii pogroms of Grigoriev's gangs and 

Others. 243 
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