The secret tradition in freemasonry (1911) by Arthur Edward Waite Volume 2

The secret tradition in freemasonry: and an analysis of the inter-relation between the craft and the high grades in respect to their term of research, expressed by the way of symbolism
The secret tradition in freemasonry

The Masonic aspects of Alchemy Further concerning the gifts of spiritual building The question of Hermetic interference That such interference must have been tinctured with Kabbalism That it was not of practical Alchemy State of the question in the mind of Masonic writers Slightness of their acquaintance with Hermetic literature The initiation of Ashmole Meaning of the term Hermetic in the seventeenth century High Grades developed in the alchemical sense. 

The French Rite of Philalethes The origin and growth Nature of its interests The Grade content Masonic and philosophical aims Conventions held at Paris Dissolution of the Rite Disappointments in Hermetic Masonry The term in mystical Alchemy and in Kabbalism Alchemy and the Secret Tradition. II. History of Alchemy in Europe The Byzantine alchemists Some questions for future research Rise of Latin Alchemy Of Alchemy in living languages The Roman de la Rose.

The Flamel Legend Stages in  The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry the growth of the Literature The two schools in Alchemy The early records in both Jean de Rupecissa and Thomas Vaughan Alchemical terminology in the writings of Jacob Bohme Bohme and Saint Martin The mystic side of Alchemy almost unknown in France A few French adepts Jean d'Espagnet The Rosi crucian Fraternity Cagliostro and St. Germain Coincidence and comparison of their history Baron Tschoudy and Pernety Phases of interpretation in the mind of Eliphas Levi. mystic Alchemy in the High Grades of Masonry Published writings of Pernety His definition of the Great Work The terms Soul and Spirit according to his meanings The A cade mi e des Illumines d' Avignon Confused position of the Rite on the historical side Its admixture of Swedenborgian theories The Academie des Vrais Masons Titles of some of its Degrees Les Illumines du Zodiaque Pernety as a disciple of Swedenborg Swedenborgian sources of knowledge The Staroste Grabbianka A Mago - Kabalistical Society at Avignon Its dealings incoming events by means of an oracle- Its dissolution for a period Its reintegration at the same place Its Masonic aspect Visit of two Englishmen The harmony of conflicting Masonic dates Summary concerning the Brotherhood It's Eucharistic Ceremony Its prophecies Its moral teachings Pernety' s translation of Swedenborg.
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