The Science and art of selling (1922) PDF by James Samuel Knox

The Science and Art of selling

The Science and Art of selling

 A practical book for selling success

Mr. J. S. Knox, the author of this book, is a practical salesman, with many years of experience in selling various commodities. He has thought long and deeply on the problems of life, business and success, and has assembled ideas, facts, and experience from all sources for this publication. It is not overstating it to say that he has condensed into one volume the essence of a dozen books, all of which he has illuminated and made vital by his own practical and sympathetic understanding of this important subject.

 "The Science and Art of Selling" is sweepingly comprehensive, and decidedly concrete. It deals with the laws that govern the human mind and shows that a knowledge of those laws is essential to the advancement of any kind, either in business or in the professions. Teachers, writers, and others who love to contemplate salesmanship as science will find herein much fresh and interesting material. All classes will enjoy and appreciate the definitions of salesmanship, and their application to every day activities, showing how ''Every person is selling something." 

These explanations will do much to help you place yourself in the business world. They also point the way to promotions and greater success. Merchants, large and small, and salesmen, trained and untrained, will relish the "Selling talks" and valuable suggestions for making sales, based on information obtained at first hand by the author.
 No matter whether you are selling ideas or merchandise you will find inspiration and practical help in this book.

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