The poems of Edgar Allan Poe (1917) PDF book Translated by Killis Campbell

The poems of Edgar Allan Poe 

The poems of Edgar Allan Poe


This edition of Poe's Poems includes all the poems collected either by the poet himself or by his literary executor, Rufus W. Griswold. I have endeavoured to give also a complete and accurate record of the multifarious revisions made by the poet in republishing his verses — a matter of extreme importance for the- understanding of his art; and I have departed from former editors in presenting these at the foot of the page along with the text to which they refer, where alone they may be easily consulted. In the Notes — and here, again, I have departed from former editors — I have given a full and detailed commentary on each of the poems. 

From the vast body of material, biographical, historical, critical, and interpretative, that has been written about Poe, I have endeavoured to garner whatever will contribute to a truer understanding of his poems or to a juster appreciation of them. And where comment from others was wanting or seemed inadequate, I have attempted to supply the deficiency by the research of my own

In particular, I have addressed myself to the following matters: the circumstances of composition and publication of each of the poems, the relation of the poems to each other and to the tales, the poet's relation to other poets and to his time, the autobiographical element in his verses, and the judgments passed on his work by his contemporaries.

 In the Introduction I have set forth the main facts of the poet's life, adding certain details of my own discovery; and I have also dealt there with questions of authenticity and authority of the text, with the nature and the worth of the poet's textual revisions, with his sources, and with the diversity of opinion respecting his achievement as a poet.

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