The new socialism (1916) PDF book by Harold A. Russell

The new socialism 

The new socialism

This little book, written with the purpose of presenting in a popular and readable form, ideas which have been treated more seriously elsewhere, is almost wholly descriptive of a form of social and industrial organization which the writer conceives to be in harmony with the principle of social justice elsewhere enunciated. 

The problem of practical socialism is as old as civilization. In all centuries men have dreamed of a golden age in which all things would be made perfect, and have struggled to devise laws and systems under which men might cooperate in harmony, and all have sufficient for their needs.

 Yet, in the present day, the problem appears to be as little understood as in the beginning. From the time of Moses and Plato to that of the more modern Utopian imaginings which hold our interest for a passing day and are soon forgotten, philosophers have left but futile records of their speculations. Hence men have come to think of the problem as one which does not come within the sphere of exact science. He who claims to have reached a solution to the problem must necessarily face an incredulous audience. 

Men will hesitate to believe that a problem is so long unanswered, and apparently too complex for the application of any principle or theory, has been brought within the dominion of science, and that a way has been marked out for future reformers which Continued eventually result in a system of industry and cooperation under which all men will be justly treated. Yet why should men assume that there is any question which cannot be made the subject of scientific knowledge, any problem which cannot be understood? Nature has not made it impossible to establish social justice, much less impossible therefore to define it.


1 The New Socialism - 7 

II Why Are We Poor? 11 

III And For This, What Remedy? - 14 

IV What We Have So Far Learned - 17 
V And Why Not 20 

VI An Imaginary Community 23 

VII Over-Production 25 

VIII The Factory 27 

IX The Railways 30 

X The Store 34 

XI The Farm 38 

XII Money and Banks 42 

XIII Stocks and Bonds 47 

XIV Demand and Supply 52 
XV The Two Methods 56 

XVI The Home 59 

XVII The Domestic Servant - 63 

XVIII The City 66 

XIX Property 69 

XX Freedom - 72 

XXI The Inventor - 75 

XXII And the Public 79 

XXIII Morals - 83 

XXIV The Unlocked Wealth 89 
XXV Organization - 93 

XXVI Government - - 96 

XXVII And Legislation 99 

XXVIII Transition - 102 

XXIX Conclusion - - 106 

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