The forged coupon, and other stories and dramas; (1919) By Leo Tolstoy

The forged coupon, and other stories and dramas; (1919) By Leo Tolstoy translated by Charles Wright

The forged coupon, and other stories and dramas

The book contains 6 stories by Tolstoy abridged and Translated into English
  • The forged coupon
  • .After the dance. 
  • Aloysha the pot. 
  • The cause of it all.
  •  My dream. 
  • The man who was dead
In an age of materialism like our own, the phenomenon of spiritual power is as significant and inspiring as it is rare. No longer associated with the " divine right of kings, it has survived the downfall of feudal and theocratic systems as a mystic personal emanation in place of a coercive ^vtrapon of statecraft. Freed from its ancient shackles of dogma and despotism it eludes analysis. We know not how to gauge its effect on others, nor even upon ourselves. Like the wind, it permeates the atmosphere we breathe and baffles while it stimulates the mind with its intangible but compelling force.

Tolstoy the realist steps without cavil into the front rank of modern writers; Tolstoy the idealist has been constantly derided and scorned by men of like birth and education with himself  — his altruism denounced as impracticable, his preaching compared with his mode of life to prove him inconsistent, if not insincere. This is the prevailing attitude of politicians and literary men.

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