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The fishing industry (1922) PDF by William Edward Gibbs

The fishing industry

In this little book I have tried to describe concisely, yet clearly and comprehensively, the great work of our sea fisheries. It is notoriously difficult to write a small book on a large subject, and I expect there are many who will detect sins of omission. 

The book is chiefly concerned with fisheries for edible fish. I have included a chapter on whale fisheries since whale oil is now used largely in the manufacture of such food substances as lard substitute and margarine. No account of seal " fishing " is included, as seals are not fished but are generally hunted onshore. I have not included fisheries for pearls, sponges, or seaweed. To its cost, the nation knows Uttle of the methods and organization, and achievements of the Fishing Industry. I sincerely hope that this little book may do something to stimulate a wider and deeper interest in this vitally important British industry.

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