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The clothing trades industry (1922) PDF by Poole, B. W. Poole

The clothing trades industry 

The clothing trades industry

This is the first time in the history of the Clothing Trades that a popular description of its processes has been presented to the public; it has been called for from many sources. 

It is hoped that this handbook will be of some guidance to those parents seeking occupations for their boys and girls; and also to the youths and maidens who are curious to know what kind of grapes grow on this thistle. 1ft is also hoped that accountants and others who require a cursory technical knowledge of many trades win find some assistance within these pages. 

The systematic cutting presented herein is the Leeds Technical School Systems, and particularly adapted for teaching in Technical Schools, forming a sound basis for more advanced studies. The Author would be pleased to receive suggestions for the Second Edition or to give advice to that bonafide seeking information. He wishes to express his real appreciation to those firms who kindly loaned the printing blocks, and to his Deputy Chief Instructor, Mr. J. W. Hall, for kindly consenting to read through the proofs.

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