The adventures of Tom Stapleton ( 1866) PDF novel by John M. Moore

The adventures of Tom Stapleton ( 1866) by John M. Moore

The adventures of Tom Stapleton (1880) by John M. Moore

4 books bound in one volume. Only The Black Crook has a copyright date given. The pagination is problematical; use the Thumbnail View to scroll down to find the first pages of the 3rd and 4th books. Tom Stapleton has a frontispiece and 4 more fine engravings. The Black Crook has 4 illustrations, in colour.
Book 1:The adventures of Tom Stapleton; or, 202 Broadway. Complete. By John M. Moore, Esq.
New York, Dick and Fitzgerald.
Book 2, starting at page 130: The Black Crook, A Most Wonderful History. Now being performed with immense success in all the principal theatres throughout the united states.
Philadelphia: Barclay & Co. 1866.
Book 3: Bella Trelawny, Or Time Works Wonders. By J. R Smith, New York, Dick & Fitzgerald.
Book 4: The Ruined Gamester. By George W. M. Reynolds. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson And Brothers.

(4 books in one volume)

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