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Paper, its history, sources, and manufacture (1922) PDF book by Harry Maddox

Paper, its history, sources, and manufacture

Paper, its history, sources, and manufacture

The purpose of this work is to place within the reach of those interested a sufficiently comprehensive technical handbook on Paper and Paper-making at a price that will render it available to those whose opportunity of purchasing the more ambitious publications is limited. 

While primarily written for those concerned in making, handling, or using paper, it has been the author's endeavor throughout to arrange and modify the language in order to render the subject intelligible to the general reader, whose knowledge of technical or trade terms and formulae is naturally of lesser degree. To the same end, considerable help has been afforded by the illustrations of machinery and methods, for which the author freely acknowledges his indebtedness to the following houses: Bentley & Jackson, Ltd.; Bertram's, Ltd.; J. Bertram & Son, Ltd.; E. Grether & Co.; W. D. Edwards & Son, Ltd.; H. B. Legge & Co.; J. Marx & Co.; Masson Scott & Co., Ltd.; Mather & Platt, Ltd.; T. J. Marshall & Co., Ltd.; The Mirrlees Watson Co., Ltd.; The Paper Trade Review.

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