Mind Magazine (1876) PDF ,A quarterly review of psychology and philosophy.

Mind Magazine (1876)

Some contents :
Gupta, S. N. — Nature of Inference in Hindu Logic
Hardie, R. p. — The Poetics of Aristotle...
Mackenzie, J. S. — Notes on the Theory of Value
Marshall, H. R. — Emotions versus Pleasure-Pain
McIntyre, J. L. — Time and the Succession of Events
Montgomery, E.— The Integration of Mind...
Schiller, F. C. S. — The Metaphysics of the Time- Process.
Shand, a. F. — Attention and Will: A Study in Involuntary Action
Sidgwick, A. — Context and Meaning
Sidgwick, H. — The Philosophy of Common Sense
Smith, W. — Knowledge.
Smith, W. G. — The Relation of Attention to Memory
Stokes, G. J. — Gnosticism and Modern Pantheism
Titchener, E. B. — Simple Reactions
Bryant, Sophie. — Antipathy and Sympathy ...
Dixon, E. T.— On the difference of Time and Rhythm in Music
Irons, D.— The Physical Basis of Emotion. A Reply.
Sidgwick; H. — Theory and Practice
Titchener, E. B.— The Tyi^e-Theory of the Simple Reaction
Whittaker, T. — The Theory of Justice 

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