Making your own world. (1919) PDF by Warren Hilton

Making your own world.

Making your own world.

The Judicial Process is the reasoning and reflective process. It is the purely "intellectual" type of mental operation. It deals wholly in abstractions. Abstractions are constructed out of past experiences. Consequently, the Sense-Perceptive Process furnishes the raw material, sense-perceptions or experience, for the machinery of the Judicial Process to work with. In this book, we shall give you a clear idea of the Sense-Perceptive Process and show you some of the ways in which Primary understanding of this process will be operations useful to you in everyday affairs. The succeeding book will explain the Judicial Process.

When vibrations of light or sound impinge upon the sensorium, they are relayed from nerve cell to nerve cell until they reach the central brain. Then it is, and not until then, that sensations and perceptions occur. Consider, now, the infinitesimal size of a nerve cell and you will have some conception of the number of hands through which the message must pass before it is received by the central office. Many of our sensations, especially those of touch, seem to occur in Making Your Own World.

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