How to speak effectively ,PDF by Chas Seymour

 How to speak effectively  by Chas Seymour

How to speak effectively  by Chas Seymour

If it is the earnest desire of the person into whose hands this work may fall to learn how to speak effectively, I would merely beg of him a reasonable amount of his leisure time, and I will do my best to speak to him from the leaves of this book as plainly and as lucidly as I might succeed in doing was he face to face with me in my own studio. Be it remembered that an elocutionist is not necessarily a good author. 
Of this, I am sufficiently conscious, yet I may hope that the bluntness of my construction will prove an advantage rather than otherwise to the practical student. Let us proceed.

How is it that I fail to hold the attention of my audience? I experience no lack of ideas while facing a large assembly of people: I am satisfied that I possess a very fair command of the language, and am conscious of the ability to summon just that particular word which I conceive will convey my meaning to a nicety. It is my invariable practice to set apart several hours to the mastering of my facts, and it is customary with me to make copious notes of important points for occasional reference during a prolonged discourse, and yet it is apparent to me that I do not obtain from my audience that attention which my subjects merit or my efforts deserve ! . . . . Why is it? 

The qualifications my questioner claims to possess might well cause many a student of oratory to express surprise that under such seemingly favorable conditions failure to hold the attention of an audience should have to be admitted.

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