How to control circumstances (1901) by Ursula Gestefeld

How to control circumstances 

How to control circumstances

The effort to discern and develop inner resources, to adapt externals to internals as part of the discipline and endeavour of life, has a necessary place in any plan for the betterment of conditions. No one is yet at the height of his possibilities; everyone is embarked on the voyage of discovery. 

These pages are offered both as a guide and a stimulus to those who are awake to the signs of the times, who feel the thrill of a new impetus toward results; the heritage of the many, though in past years discerned only by the few. 

The widespread state of awakeness to " the things of the Spirit," that is displacing the long sleep of obliviousness, furnishes receptivity to declarations that would fall otherwise upon deaf ears, upon hearts deadened to responsiveness. Among the many, some there be to whom what is herein written maybe a way-shower as they seek the deeper realization of new-old truths and gird themselves for conflict with long-established habits of thought, word, and act. It is tendered with the desire to show that within, rather than without, is found the Force of forces that transforms, renews, and regenerates human life, lifting it to the fair level of self-accomplishment and self -dominion. That self-discernment, self-effort, and self -attainment, for which we are primarily endowed, is the purpose to be fulfilled by our existence. 

Though published originally in The Exodus, these chapters will be new to many, and may serve as companions at odd moments when we like to rest awhile with our books and draw fresh inspiration for " trying again/'

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