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Clays and clay products (1915) by Alfred B. Searle

Clays and clay products 

Clays and clay products

This volume, like the others in this series, does not aim at exhausting the subject with which it deals. On the contrary, its chief aim is to give the commercial man sufficient insight into the nature of the various materials and products described for him to realize, in broad outline, the processes involved in their treatment and the extent to which they may be used for the purposes of his own business.

 Few people, except those who are actually engaged in the manufacture of clay products, have any idea of the wide ramifications of the industries connected therewith, yet, if clay products were suddenly removed and became irreplaceable, the loss among both primitive and civilized peoples would be incredibly great. Vast and important as is the Iron and Steel industry, it is in many ways only secondary to the trades connected with clays and clay-products; indeed, without the latter, the very production of iron would become practically impossible, architecture would, in many districts, be stifled, and the most evident signs of civilization would be absent.

 To know something of the industries connected with so important a subject should form part of the education of every commercial and businessman, and it is for such that this volume has primarily been written. 

No pains have been spared to express what is written in as simple terms as the complex nature of the subject permits, whilst at the same time every effort has been made to give the most recent information on such important points as the constitution of clays and certain clay

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