Alcohol, in commerce and industry (1922) PDF by Simmonds Charles

Alcohol, in commerce and industry

Alcohol, in commerce and industry

Owing to the death of the author whilst this work was passing through the press, it has fallen to a colleague to complete the revision and to write these prefatory remarks. The text is as the author left it, save only for those few slight amendments and additions which current events rendered necessary. 

The addendum completes the author's tables and includes the latest published returns. Mr. Simmonds's exceptional experience of the applications of alcohol to commercial and scientific uses and his wide and precise knowledge of the subject in all its phases should warrant for this little book recognition as a useful and reliable introduction to a knowledge of the part played by alcohol in industry and commerce. 

cognizant of the great and increasing extent to which alcohol functions in the arts and manufactures, it shoulTo those who are already d also prove helpful, as affording a brief but inclusive survey of the production and applications of a commodity which presents so many features of social, scientific, and economic interest. Thanks are tendered on behalf of the author to Messrs. Blair, Campbell & McLean, Hall & Co., and Macmillan & Co. for the loan of blocks of the various illustrations.

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