A theory of natural philosophy (1922) PDF book by Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich

A theory of natural philosophy (1922) PDF book

A theory of natural philosoph
A theory of natural philosophy

This book by  Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich, Translated by J. M. Child


The text presented in this volume is that of the Venetian edition of 1763. This edition was chosen in preference to the first edition of 1758, published in Vienna, because, as stated on the title page, it was the first edition (revised and enlarged) issued under the personal superintendence of the author. In the English translation, an endeavor has been made to adhere as closely as possible to a literal rendering of the Latin; except that the somewhat lengthy and complicated sentences have been broken up. 

in order to bring out the versatility of the genius of Boscovich, we may mention just a few of his discoveries in science, which seem to call for special attention. In astronomical science, he speaks of the use of a telescope filled with liquid for the purpose of measuring the aberration of light; he invented a prismatic micrometer contemporaneously with Rochon and Maskelyne. 

He gave methods for determining the orbit of a comet from three observations, and for the equator of the sun from three observations of a " spot "; he carried out some investigations on the orbit of Uranus and considered the rings of Saturn. In what was then the subsidiary science of optics, he invented a prism with a variable angle for measuring the refraction and dispersion of different kinds of glass and put forward a theory of achromatism for the objectives and oculars of the telescope. 

In mechanics and geodesy, he was apparently the first to solve the problem of the " body of greatest attraction "; he successfully attacked the question of the earth's density; and perfected the apparatus, and advanced the theory of the measurement of the meridian. In mathematical theory, he seems to have recognized, before Lobachevski and Bolyai, the impossibility of proof of Euclid's " parallel postulate " ; and considered the theory of the logarithms of negative numbers.

About the author:
Roger Joseph Boscovich SJ was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest, and a polymath from the Republic of Ragusa. He studied and lived in Italy and France where he also published many of his works.

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