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A pantheistic view of the universe by John Plumb PDF book

A pantheistic view of the universe by John Plumb

A pantheistic view of the universe by John Plumb

There are many things about this mysterious Universe of ours which we should all like to know. Our concern is not so much with the facts about the Universe supplied to us by science as with the significance of these facts. 

We want to know not only what the Universe is but why it is what it is. This science fails to tell us. What We Want to Know Is the Universe a " fortuitous concourse of atoms " as science sees and deals with it, or is there Mind and purpose behind it all? If there is, what kind of a mind and what purpose? Does God exist? If so, what connection is there be- tween God and Nature? Is the familiar world we know through our senses the " real " world or do our senses give us a distorted or incomplete picture of it? What do we mean when we say a thing is good or bad? Are the things we value of universal validity or are they subjective judgements on our part?

 Is what we call the moral law, a law of universal application valid for all times and all places and under all circumstances, or is it merely a man-made code of conduct designed to further human ends? Are we free agents in what we do? Am I, for example, writing this book of my own free will or am I being compelled to do so because I am what my genetic structure and my environment have made me?

Though the author believes in evolution and survival of the fittest. He thinks God, nature or the spirit of the universe made the world evolve for the best of the whole . He refuses the idea of benevolent god, he insists that God is all and God in all. The reality are consisting of parts but the spirit of the universe can not be divided into parts. He blame religions for the father figure of God. "up there" since he believes god is in everything. 


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