A manual of modern scholastic philosophy; (1916) by Cardinal Mercier Desie (2 Volumes)

A manual of modern scholastic philosophy;

Cardinal Mercier Desie

Vol. 1. Cosmology, psychology, epistemology (criteriology), general metaphysics (ontology)- Vol. 2. Natural theology (theodicy), logic, ethics, history of philosophy


The work here offered to the English-speaking public will have a twofold interest. The one arises from the tragic fate that befell the University of Louvain when the tide of the present ruthless war swept over the plains of Flanders. . . . The halls where courses of Philosophy were delivered are now the wards of a Red Cross Hospital. . . . The professors of the Institute of Philosophy are scattered, and some are in exile. . . . 

The illustrious founder of the Institute, and author of most of these pages, is the Prelate who now consoles his stricken people, while his name is held in benediction in every corner of Christendom. . . . Had the world but hearkened to the truths proclaimed by such as he and embodied in lives like his, had it but held fast to the Christian Philosophy of Life, well — the twentieth century might have dawned without such a baptism of blood. . . . 

The other interest attaches to the subject matter of the work on its own intrinsic merits. It is an English version of the Louvain Traite elementaire de philosophie. The original is in part an abridgment of the larger Cours de philosophie 1 published 1 Six volumes of this larger series have been published : Logique (Mercier, 5th ed., 1910) ; Mitaphysique ginerale ou ontologie (Mercier, 5th ed., 1910); Psychologie (Mercier, 9th ed., 1912) ; Crite'riologie genirale ou traite gine'rale de la certitude (Mercier, 6th ed., 1912); Histoire de la philosophie medievale (De Wulf, 4th ed., 1912 ; 3rd ed., English tr. London, Longmans, 1909) ; Cosmologie ou itude philosophique du monde inorganique (Nys, 3rd ed.). Before the war, the other volumes were in preparation. Perhaps the Traits elementary may be considered to give an outline of these future volumes in its sections on CriUriologie special, ThSodicee and Morale, and in so far may now be regarded as a doubly valuable supplement of the Louvain Cours of philosophy. Volumes of the Cours are to be read in seven of the European languages, and this Manual in four of them.

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