Women in love - (1920) PDF Novel by D. H. Lawrence

Women in love 

Women in love

.Women in Love (1920) is a novel by English author D. H. Lawrence. It is a sequel to his earlier novel The Rainbow (1915) and follows the continuing loves and lives of the Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gudrun Brangwen, an artist, pursues a destructive relationship with Gerald Crich, an industrialist. Lawrence contrasts this pair with the love that develops between Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin, an alienated intellectual who articulates many opinions associated with the author. 

The emotional relationships thus established are given further depth and tension by an intense psychological and physical attraction between Gerald and Rupert.

Novels by D.H. Lawrence possess an absolutely unique psychological climate and Women in Love is definitely one of his masterpieces.

Review by Maureen

This book is like an Expressionist painting: you look at it once, and return and see something different. The writing is lush and almost poetic at times. Lawrence uses the idea of the two sisters, Gudrun and Ursula, as his canvas to explore ideas about men and women, marriage and fidelity, and whatever else runs through his mind and onto the page.

Publication date: 1920

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