The trade of the world (1913) book by James Davenport Whelpley with Illustrations

The trade of the world (1913) 

The trade of the world (1913)
The trade of the world 

A general discussion with chapters devoted to trading conditions in each of the more prominent countries of the world of commerce.


The Trade of the World, including as it does practically all the activities of the human race, is of scope so tremendous in its broader meaning that to choose this title for a book seems almost pre- sumptuous. In this volume no pretense is made of discussing the subject fully or finally; nor is it possible to particularise concerning more than a few of the most important or typical countries whose trad- ings go to make up the enormous total. 

If, however, the reader may obtain a better appreciation of the common sense, wisdom, knowledge, and courage required, not only of the individual but of nations, in seeking successfully a fair share of international commerce, the purpose of the work will have been achieved. That we must know the land and its people before we can strengthen mutual bonds of trade .and friendship, is fundamental, yet it is an axiom the truth of which is often forgotten, ignored, or per- haps even never realized. Successful international trading rests on bigger things than mere exchanges of commodities; these in their fullest development follow mutual knowledge and understanding.

Content of the book

 Trade Strategy 3 

The Commercial Strength Of Great Britain . . 38 

Germany's Foreign Trade 64 

The Trade Of France 92 

 Belgium, The Balance Wheel Of Trade . . . 118 

 Austria-Hungary The European Enigma . . 143 

 Italy's Economic Outlook 172 

The Trade Of Northern Africa 199 

Japan's Commercial Crisis 228 

The Trade Of China 263 

The Trade Of Russia 304 

Progressive Argentina 340 

If Canada Were To Annex The United States. 362 

The Foreign Trade Of The United States . . 391 
Index . . . 429 

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