The Soul of Denmark (1918) PDF by Shaw Desmond

The Soul of Denmark

The Soul of Denmark


In a world of book-makers, a visit to a country does not, like the World and his Wife seems to think, confer the right to the infliction of a new book upon a long-suffering people. If the Stranger within the Gates simply cannot refrain from utterance, he should at the outset state the reason, so as to give the reader, if he doesn't like it, a chance to burn the book—or the book-maker. 

The writer has ventured to utter " The Soul of Denmark," because, in the first place, he thinks it " a consummation devoutly to be wished " that Mother Denmark and her friend across the North Sea, John Bull, should understand and learn from each other, and in these pages has sought to bring them closer. But the personal, more intimate reason is that having lived for nearly four years in the bosom of Mother Denmark, and having been received by her as a foster mother, the foster-child, having in the aforesaid bosom developed that fine critical faculty characteristic of the generation of today in the presence of its elders, and feeling, consequently, the necessity of pointing

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