The night side of nature, or, Ghosts and ghost seers pdf, (1905) by Catherine Crowe

The night side of nature

The night side of nature

MRS. CATHERINE CROWE (c. 1800-1876), was a rather miscellaneous writer, whose more important work belonged to two distinct classes, identified by the present generation with two alone out of her books, that somewhat homely example of the sensation novel, " Susan Hopley," and her collection of supernatural tales, "The Night Side of Nature." 

Her maiden name was Stevens, and she was a native of Kent. After her marriage to Colonel Crowe, she resided principally in Edinburgh. Though the "Night Side " of Mrs. Crowe's life and work was doubtless the most important to her personally, her novels and tales have a certain place in the history of fiction, it is claimed for her that she was a pioneer of "the purely domestic story that story of the affections and the emotions peculiar to the Victorian Age."

 Her first novel of any importance and the one that is still the best known, if not the only one now read, " Susan Hopley; or, the Adventures of a Maid Servant," was a sensation story, with a certain amount of plot interest, which is, however, comprised in the episodes rather than in the general plan of the story. Its only affinity to the domestic novel of Mrs. Craik and others lies in the humble station of the heroine and other characters; the scenes of home life are mere matters of detail.

 On the other hand, the sensational character of the story and the general air of mystery renders it akin to her miscellaneous collections of sensation stories and ghost stories; and no one but a firm believer in wraiths would think of inserting in a book, whose interest is large of the detective kind, such an incident as that where Susan Hopley, slumbering in an arm-chair, dreams that she sees her brother attired in his grave-clothes, followed by the figures of the men who had actually just become his murderers.

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