The logic of human character (1905) PDF book by Charles J. Whitby

The logic of human character
The logic of human character

The correlation of physical structure and psychical function postulated by science, is, of course, an assumption underlying the whole of this essay. Thus, in the remarks upon Capacity, its formal dependence upon innate organic specialization is, I trust, clearly indicated. But the study of Character as such need not, and, indeed, must not await the completion of cerebral physiology. 

This, in view of the as yet embryonic stage of that branch of research, may be considered fortunate, the more so as ethology is a topic of very much more than academic interest to us all. Some sort of theory is a necessary condition of the fruitful study of any field of reality, inasmuch as, without one, we have no criterion for the grouping of essential, or the elimination of irrelevant, facts. 

The widespread confusion, among ethnologists, between disposition or temperament, on the one hand, and character on the other is a good example of the futility of a merely-mechanical juxtaposition of heterogeneous facts. The necessity of treating the logical elements of character seriatim, will not, I hope, be found to interfere with the continuity of the argument. No other method seemed available, and considerable care has been taken to render the transitions as clear and smooth as possible.

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