The locked book - PDF novel by Frank L. Packard

The locked book  Novel

The locked book

This novel is located in the Malay Archipelago, where even today there are pirates. Kenneth Wayne is the captain of the Waratan, a ship transporting goods in these dangerous waters. 

The pirates raid but he survives---seeking revenge. A mysterious pirate's logbook falls mysteriously into his hands but is subsequently lost to him, reappearing betimes. . This locked book is the key to his revenge

I While an Hour Passed. 9
II The Man with the Crimson Sash ... 22
III Salabam.34
IV Fellow Guests.49
V The Shot.62
VI Pieces of a Puzzle.70
VII More Pieces.78
VIII Where No Man Lived.85
IX Itu Konchi-kan Kitab .95
X The Keeper of the Book.104
XI Major Peters of Salabam ...... 116
XII The Majesty of the Law.125
XIII A Matter of Keys.137
XIV A Prisoner at Large.153
XV Moonlight and Match-Flame .... 169
XVI “The Three Crooks”.> 190
XVII A Liar of Parts.207
XVIII Hare and Hounds.220
XIX The Outcasts.234
XX The Devil’s Throat.253
XXI Crimson Sash.272
XXII Monsieur Nicholas Fouche .... 282
XXIII The Book Unlocked.299 

the book details :
  • Author: Frank L. Packard
  • Publication date ( 1924)
  • Company: Toronto: Copp Clark

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