The holy Christian church from its remote origins to the present day ( 1912 ) by Robert Matteson Johnston

The holy Christian church from its remote origins to the present day

Robert Matteson Johnston illustrates the origins of the Christian church and its development from greek thoughts till modern times 

Excerpt from the introduction
The attitude of our time towards Christianity has many aspects easier to summarize than to explain. These ranges all the way from the Papal view, with its strict doctrine of inspiration, authority, and discipline, to that other extreme, immediately beyond which lies the non-Christian view, whether hostile or indifferent. Between them the great educated mass of western Europe and America holds an uncertain position with a tendency, perhaps, to shift unevenly towards the two extremes. From the group of the intellectual Catholics, or Modernists, to the least dogmatic of the Protestant sects, there exists a great, vague mass of Christian thought that lacks the definiteness found on either side of it, and about which some general propositions can be formulated.

Content of the book:

I. Greek and Roman Thought before Christ. 3 

II. Before the Captivity of Babylon ... 13 

in. From the Captivity to Christ . . . .28 

IV. Jesus 48 

V. Paul 68 

VI. From a.d. 70 to a.d. 312 94 

VII. From a.d. 70 to a.d. 312 (continued) . . 110 

VIII. The Conversion of Constantine . . . 132 

IX. The Last Roman Emperors .... 148 

X. Justinian and Gregory the Great . . 167 

XI. The Millennium 181 

Xn. After the Millennium 197 

Xin. Dante, Petrarch, and Borgia . . . . 222 

XIV. The Reformation 245 

XV. From the Peace of Westphalia to the Vatican 

Council 273 

XVI. Cross-currents 300 

Index 323 

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