The Canterbury tales of Geoffrey Chaucer (1914) PDF book with colored images

The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer 

The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer

Edited by  Percy MacKaye, and illustrated by Walter Appleton Clark
Geoffrey Chaucer was an English poet and author. 


The number of tales selected is the result of the particular scope of this volume, which, as I have said, seeks only to present a representative part of the Canterbury Tales. The choice of the tales has been further limited by the expediency of selecting from among those which are neither too broad (as the Summoner's), nor too prolix (as the Parson's). 

To the ten tales chosen have been added those prologues, epilogues, and links that directly pertain to them in the Chaucerian design. The Squire's Tale, though unfinished, has been included for the sake not only of its own romantic charm, but of that familiar citation of its author by which Milton has immortalised its very incompleteness, and taught us of the after-time still to "Call up him that left half-told, The story of Cambuscan bold." There remains for me to express what I should have preferred to signify, in otherwise, on the title-page my grateful acknowledgment of the vital assistance given to this book by Dr. John S. P. Tatlock of the University of Michigan. 

He has read all the text in manuscript or proof, and in very few instances have I dissented from his emendations. The insight and supervision of his thorough scholarship have been of the utmost benefit to this undertaking.

Contents of the tales:

The Prologue . . . . . . . . . .1 

The Knight's Tale 20 

Words of the Host ......... 67 

The Prologue of the Prioress' Tale 68 

The Prioress 1 Tale 69 

The Prologue of the Nun's Priest's Tale 74 

The Nun's Priest's Tale 76 

Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale ...... 91 

The Physician's Tale 92 

Words of the Host ......... 99 

The Prologue of the Pardoner's Tale 101 

The Pardoner's Tale . . . . . . . . .104 

The Wife of Bath's Prologue 116 

The Tale of the Wife of Bath 134 

The Clerk's Prologue 144 

; The Clerk's Tale 146 

The Squire's Tale 173 

The Words of the Franklin 188 

The Franklin's Prologue. 189 

The Franklin's Tale 189 

The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue . . . . . . .210 

The Canon's Yeoman's Tale . . . , . . .214 
Notes . . . 231 

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