The Blue Germ - PDF novel by Martin Lutrell Swayne

The Blue Germ by Martin Lutrell Swayne

The Blue Germ
The Blue Germ

Clever and imaginative book on the effects of a manufactured germ that confers immortality to any organism it colonizes (and emits a blue glow as an after-effect of its metabolism leading to it being dubbed "The Blue Disease"). The story is very much a product of its time and the period's fascination with the invisible, microscopic world around us.  

A British doctor and a Russian scientist co-invent and release the eponymous microbe, observing its spread throughout England and the reactions it causes in the populace. 

Those reactions and the secondary effects of the germ from the main narrative of the book as various characters, including the protagonists, ponder the philosophical, psychological, and legal changes that will result from immortal humanity.

Publication date: 1918

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