Pen pictures and how to draw them ( 1895) PDF book by Eric Meade

Pen pictures and how to draw them with illustrations 

Pen pictures and how to draw them

A practical handbook on the various methods of illustrating in black and white for process engraving, with numerous designs, diagrams, and sketches

It is usual to say that there are three Arts of Design — architecture, sculpture, and painting. The nineteenth-century has added a fourth to the number. Drawing in Pen and Ink, or, as it is otherwise called, Black and White, has, owing to special requirements, definitely taken rant as a separate art. With the aid of photography in its now highly developed state, a new and cheap method of engraving known as " Process" has, to some degree, revolutionized the world of matters artistic. 

Until in recent years, most of the published drawings were prepared for the printer by the beautiful but costly art of wood engraving. What has formerly left altogether to the skill of the trained carver on wood is now more frequently produced automatically by a very simple method. The original drawing is photographed upon a plate of zinc. 

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