Little Wars (1913) PDF book By H. G. Wells

Little Wars (1913) By H. G. Wells 

Little Wars (1913) By H. G. Wells

A game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girls who like boys' games and books
Little Wars included fairly simple rules for infantry, cavalry, and artillery in the form of a toy 4.7-inch gun that launched projectiles, usually small wooden dowels to knock down enemy soldiers. In addition to its being a war game, the book hints at several philosophical aspects of war.
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The country
The move
Mobility of the various arms.
Hand-to-hand fighting and capturing
Varieties of the battle-game
Composition of forces.
Size of the soldiers
The battle of hook's farm
Extensions and amplifications of little war...
Ending with a sort of? Challenge
Wars and kriegspiel

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