James Copeland (1874) PDF Book by by J. R. S. Pitts

Life and bloody career of the executed criminal, James Copeland, the great Southern land pirate

James Copeland

Life and bloody career of the executed criminal, James Copeland (1874) PDF Book  by J. R. S Pitts

James Copeland (January 18, 1823 – October 30, 1857) was an American outlaw during the early to mid-nineteenth century, whose crimes took place mostly, in southern Mississippi and southern Alabama. He was born in Jackson County, Mississippi. He was the co-leader of a gang known as the Wages and Copeland Clan. On October 30, 1857, Copeland was executed by hanging in Perry County, Mississippi.


The number of years during which the Copeland and Wages Gang of Land Pirates pursued a successful career of robbery, incendiarism, and murder in the United States; their final dismemberment, disgrace, and violent end at the hand of retributive justice; and the stern moral lesson taught by their history and fate, have induced the undersigned to publish the confession of one of the leaders of the gang, as made by himself, in anticipation of his death at the hands of the hangman.

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