If I were God (1930) by William J. Robinson - PDF ebook


If I were God

William J. Robinson
William J. Robinson

A freethinker's faith, incorporating a discussion between the author and a Catholic priest.

Not to the sneerers, not to the ribald and frivolous, not to those who, ignorant of both history and psychology, regard religion as a deliberately conceived fraud designedly foisted upon the people, but to the earnest searchers for Truth, lead where it may, is this little book, jotted down under the beautiful sky of the French Riviera, by the peaceful shores of the azure Mediterranean truly a cote d'Azur offered; offered non-apologetically, yet reverently.

William J. Robinson is well known as one of the world's leading writers on the problems of sexology. Those familiar with his writings recognize that he is also a progressive reformer in many other phases of human interests and activities. He has consistently supported economic and social liberalism. He was one of the few pacifists who remained true to his convictions in wartime. Not the least of his interests is the promulgation of general intellectual enlightenment. His exuberant praise of H. G. Wells' "World of William Clissold," indicated clearly his reaction in this field as illustrated by his appraisal of per- haps the foremost monument to intellectual emancipation in modern literature. It is his enthusiasm for cultural progress and mental freedom which has prompted Dr. Robinson to prepare this stimulating little book on the problem of religion in the modern world.

Orthodox religion is coming in for some weighty assaults at the present time from anthropologists, psychologists, and historians. The results of this varied critique are being brought together by the Humanists in the most serious challenge which has ever been leveled against the conventional religionist. 
How little headway can be made against Humanism was well illustrated by the article of Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick in Harper's Magazine for December 1929. Most of these attacks upon orthodoxy have, however, be of a technical character or have been written in extensive and esoteric treatises which make little headway with the public in general. There is a need for a clear and brief discussion of leading issues that will appeal directly to a large group of readers. It is to fill this need that Dr. Robinson has given us his "A Freethinker's Faith."
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