Historical mysteries - PDF book by Andrew Lang

Historical mysteries 

Historical mysteries

These Essays, which appeared, with two exceptions, in The Cornhill Magazine, 1904, have been revised, and some alterations, corrections, and additions have been made in them. ' Queen Oglethorpe,' in which Miss Alice Shield collaborated, doing most of the research, is reprinted by the courteous permission of the editor, from Blackwood's Magazine. 

A note on ' The End of Jeanne de la Motte,' has been added as a sequel to " The Cardinal's Necklace"' it appeared in The Morning Post, the Editor kindly granting leave to republish. The author wishes to acknowledge the able assistance of Miss E. M. Thompson, who made researches for him in the British Museum and at the Record Office.

contents of the book:

  • The case of Elizabeth Canning; 
  • The murder of Escovedo; 
  • The Campden mystery; 
  • The case of Allan Breck;
  •  The Cardinal's necklace; 
  • The mystery of Kaspar Hauser: 
  • the child of Europe; 
  • The Gowrie conspiracy; 
  • The strange case of Daniel Dunglas
  •  Home; The case of Captain Green; 
  • Queen Oglethorpe; 
  • The Chevalier d'√Čon; Saint-Germain the deathless; 
  • The mystery of the kirks; 
  • The end of Jeanne de la Motte

the book details :
  • Author:Andrew Lang
  • Publication date:1905
  • Company:London, Nelson

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