Folk stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa (1910) PDF by Andrew Lang and Elphinstone Dayrell

Collection of African Folklore and Fairy Tales from Africa
Folk stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa

Mr. Dayrell's "Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria" appeal to the anthropologist within me, no less than to the lover of what children and older people call "Fairy Tales." The stories are full of mentions of strange institutions, as well as of rare adventures. I may be permitted to offer some running notes and comments on this mass of African curiosities from the crowded lumber-room of the native mind.

some contents : 
I. The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter . . I. II. How a Hunter obtained Money from his Friends the Leopard, Goat, Bush Cat, and Cock, and how he got out of repaying them. 6 III. The Woman with two Skins . . . .11 IV, The King's Magic Drum 20 V. I.uen and the King's Wife . . . .29 VI. Of the Pretty Stranger who Killed the King. 33 VII. Why the Bat flies by Night .... 36 VIII. The Disobedient Daughter who Married a Skull ^Z IX. The King who Married the Cock's Daughter. 42

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