Economics of business (1913) by Norris Arthur Brisco

Economics of business (1913) 

Economics of business

The principles and the main points of everyday practice in all departments of business, both wholesale and retail offices and shops.

During the past twenty-five years, American industrial and business life has undergone many changes. Increased competition cut profits to a narrow margin, and in order to lower costs, the entrepreneur has been driven to a study of factory conditions. The factory, therefore, is to-day the center of investigation and study. 

The wastes of time, energy, and materials revealed by this study amazed even the most successful entrepreneurs. Efficiency, the modern watchword, demands organization, system, cost accounting, cooperation, and coordination and touches business activities outside the factory, as advertising, buying and selling.

No branch of industry has escaped investigation, and the result is a great awakening to the lack of method and system. This study of the various kinds of business activities has produced literature treating different phases of business. 

Of all such contributions, the most significant are those made by successful businessmen who recounted their own experiences, pointed out the broad principles to be derived therefrom, and explained the methods by which these principles may be specifically applied. From an analysis of such data, and from a study of the methods of many successful business enterprises have been deduced the fundamental principles underlying business. To express these principles in clear and simple language is the purpose of this book.

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