Easy mathematics; or, Arithmetic and algebra for general readers ( 1910) PDF by Oliver Lodge

Easy mathematics;

Easy mathematics;

This book is written without the least regard to any demand but those of children and of life and mental activity generally. In places where the author is mistaken, he cannot plead that he has been hampered by artificial considerations. 

His object in writing has been solely the earnest hope that the teaching of this subject may improve and may become lively and interesting. Dulness and bad teaching are synonymous terms. A few children are born mentally deficient, but a number are gradually made so by the efforts made to train their growing faculties. A subject may easily be over-taught, or taught too exclusively and too laboriously. Teaching which is not fresh and lively is harmful, and in this book, it is intended that the instruction shall be interesting. 

Nevertheless, a great deal is purposely left to the enterprise of the student and the living voice of the teacher, and the examples given for practice are insufficient. The author has usually found that examples and illustrations are likely to be most serviceable, and least dull when invented from time to time in illustration of the principles which are then being expounded; but a supplementary collection of exercises for practice is necessary also, in order to consolidate the knowledge and establish the principles as an ingrained habit Wearisome over-practice and iteration and needlessly long sums should be avoided; because long sums, other than mechanical money addition, seldom occur in practice, and especially because many kinds of future study, especially the great group of sciences called Natural Philosophy, 

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