Dare To Be Free (1953) by W. B. Thomas

Dare To Be Free (1953) by W. B. Thomas


A real story about some man who managed to be free after he was captivated by the enemies in the war
The parachutists certainly seemed unreal, difficult to comprehend as anything at all dangerous. Seen against the deep blue of the early morning Cretan sky, through a frame of grey-green olive branches, they looked like marionettes, like little jerking dolls whose billowy frocks of green, yellow, red, and white had somehow blown up and become entangled in the wires that controlled them. Standing next to Sergeant Templeton I struggled to grasp the meaning behind this colourful fantasy, to realize that those beautiful kicking dolls meant the repetition of all the horrors we had known so recently in Greece. The invasion of Crete had begun.

 ‘They’re parachutists, Sergeant,’ I shouted, suddenly waking up and realizing that something was expected of me, ‘get the men ready for action immediately! Those Huns will fall about five hundred yards from here, but the next lot might come right on to us. Look at those planes 1 ’ Circling slowly above us were eight or nine flights of transport aircraft, ugly Junkers 53, with their black crosses showing clearly as they turned.

 In a few minutes the sky had filled with fighters, with gliders, and these flights of fat troop-carriers, each consisting of nine aircraft packed in close formation. We had stood to as usual that morning some two hours before daylight, cursing as we stirred from the meagre shelter of the olive trees and wishing that we had some of the blankets and overcoats which had been left behind in Greece. There had been the normal bombardment,

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