Christianity and Islam in Spain, A.D. 756-1031 (1889) by Charles Reginald Haines

Christianity and Islam in Spain

Christianity and Islam in Spain

Some of the contents of the book:

Invasion of Spain by the barbarians Its easy conquest Quarrels among the conqueror's Departure of the Vandals Visigoths gain the supremacy Conflict with Eastern Empire Reduction of the Suevi All Spain becomes Gothic Approach of Saracens Planting of Christianity in Spain St James Gospel first preached at Elvira Irenaeus Persecutions Martyrs Council of Elvira Council of Nice Number of Christians Paganism proscribed Julian Arianism Ulphilas Conversion of barbarians- Degeneracy of religion Priscillian His heresy condemned Priscillian burnt Paganism in Spain The Gothic Government Church and State Power of king Election of bishops Arianism of Goths Ermenegild Bigotry in Spain Jews Influence of clergy Of the pope

The landing of Abdurrahman Khalifate of Cordova Condition of Christians Proselytism Apostates Arabs and Spaniards Evidence of Christian writers Condition of the people Serfs No revolts No solidarity with the Christians in the North Relations with Arabs at first friendly The jehad in Spain Martyrs in battle Fabulous martyr Anambad, first martyr Peter of Najuma 

No other till  John and Adolphus Causes of Martyrdoms Amalgamation of the two peoples Intermarriage Children of mixed parents Nunilo and Alodia Mania for martyrdom Voluntary martyrdoms The Spanish confessors Threatened deterioration in the Church Christianity infected with Moslem customs Religious fervor in convents Fanaticism of monks Fresh martyrs Perfectus, John, Isaac Arab inability to understand the motives of these martyrs Causes of fanaticism Sanctus Peter Walabonsus,

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