Bertrand Russell's 21 PDF books collection ( Public domain)

Collection of Bertrand Russell's famous works

Bertrand Russell'

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century and the greatest logician since Aristotle. He wrote original philosophy on dozens of subjects, but his most important work was in logic, mathematical philosophy, and analytic philosophy.
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Contents of the collection  
  1. Authority And The Individual (1949)
  2.  Acritical exposition of the philosophy of Leibniz, with an appendix of leading passages
  3. Free thought and official propaganda 1922
  4.  In Praise Of Idleness
  5.  Introduction to mathematical philosophy
  6. Justice in wartime
  7. Marriage and morals
  8. Mysticism and logic, and other essays
  9. Our knowledge of the external world as a field for scientific method in philosophy.
  10. Philosophical essays 1910
  11. Political ideals
  12. Power. 
  13. Principia mathematica 1910 
  14. Principles of social reconstruction
  15. Roads to freedom socialism, anarchism, and syndicalism
  16. The Conquest Of Happiness (1930)
  17. The analysis of mind
  18. The practice and theory of Bolshevism
  19. The problems of philosophy 1912.
  20. The problem of China
  21. Why I Am Not A Christian 
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