Ann Veronica by H. G. Wells PDF Novel (1909)

Ann Veronica by H. G. Wells

A Modern Love story

Ann Veronica is the youngest of five children and the only one left at home. 
Finding a life of "calls, tennis, selected novels, walks and dusting" to be stifling, she has persuaded her father to let her attend college, although only the Tredgold Women's College, not the more prestigious "mixed" college that she wants to attend. 


I. Ann Veronica talks to her father ... I
Ii. Ann veronica gathers points of view ... 34
Iii. The morning op the crisis 54
Iv. The crisis 86
V. The flight to London 95
Vi. Expostulations 117
Vii. Ideals and a reality. 136
Viii. Biology 167
Ix. Discords 196
X. The suffragettes 234
Xi. Thoughts in prison 256
Xii. Ann veronica puts things in order . . . 268
Xiii. The sapphire ring 285
Xiv. The collapse of the penitent 308
Xv. The last days at home 329
Xvi. In the mountains 342
Xvii. In perspective 365


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