A students' history of Greece ( 1907) Free pdf by J. B Bury

A students' history of Greece

A students' history of Greece

Excerpt from the editor Everett Kimball's introduction

With the consent of Professor J. B. Bury, I have prepared an edition of his " History of Greece for Beginners " which may serve as a textbook for Secondary Schools in this country. In preparing this edition, I have confined myself chiefly to excision, although in places a somewhat different arrangement of material has been adopted. 

No statement of fact has been changed, and as far as possible the author's exact language has been retained. This is especially true in the chapters dealing with Alexander, where, to keep the spirited account of the original, the proportion of this revision may have been sacrificed. I have ventured to add brief paragraphs dealing with some of the more important Greek authors, and expand the paragraphs on the adornment of Athens, and have supplied a large number of new maps. 

To make the book more serviceable in Secondary Schools, a very few of the more important references to supplementary reading which I have found useful have been appended to each chapter; for those who wish more detailed topical reading, references have been given to "A History Syllabus for Secondary Schools, prepared by a Special Committee of the New England Teachers' Association."

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