The critical game (1922) PDF book by John Albert Macy

The critical game

The critical game

 The critical game.--Dante in English.--Dante's political philosophy.--Nietzsche.--Tolstoy.--Maeterlinck's essays.--Joseph Conrad.--A Conrad miscellany.--Strindberg.--Tagore.--Remy de Gourmont.--Swift's relations with women.--William James, a man of letters.--Biographies of Poe.--Biographies of Whitman.--George E. Woodberry.--Abraham Cahan.--Thomas Hardy.--George Borrow.--Shelley.--H.G. Wells and Utopia.--John Masefield.--Shakespeare and the scribes.--George Moore and other Irish writers.--James Joyce.--D.H. Lawrence

John Albert Macy. A highly regarded literary critic in his day, John Albert Macy (1877-1932) is best remembered today for his instrumental role in the editing and publication of Helen Keller's The Story of My Life (1903). Macy married Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, in 1905, though the two were separated in 1914.
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