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Hilaire Belloc's book collection

Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc was a British-French writer and historian and one of the most prolific writers in England during the early twentieth century. Belloc was also an orator, poet, sailor, satirist, writer of letters, soldier, and political activist

Hilaire Belloc grew up in England and would spend most of his life there. His boyhood was spent in Slindon, West Sussex, for which he often felt homesick in later life, as evidenced in poems such as "West Sussex Drinking Song", "The South Country", and even the more melancholy, "Ha'nacker Mill". 

After being educated at John Henry Newman'] Oratory School in Edgbaston, Birmingham, Belloc served his term of military service, as a French citizen, with an artillery regiment near Toul in 1891.

 He proceeded to Balliol College, Oxford, as a history scholar, securing a first-class honours degree and never losing his love for Balliol, as is illustrated by his verse "Balliol made me, Balliol fed me/ Whatever I had she gave me again".

Belloc is the author of more than 150 books, Belloc wrote on myriad subjects, from warfare to poetry to the many current topics of his day.

This collection of some of his best public domain books that were collected by me from Archive.org 


  1. A change in the cabinet
  2. High lights of the French revolution
  3. Malplaquet
  4. On everything
  5. Poitiers
  6. Precepts and judgments
  7. The Jews
  8. Pyrenees
  9. The contrast
  10. The elements of the great war
  11. The eye-witness being a series of descriptions and sketches in which it is attempted to reproduce certain incidents and periods in history
  12. The footpath way an anthology for walkers
  13. The free press
  14. The green overcoat
  15. The historic Thames
  16. The last days of the French monarchy
  17. The mercy of Allah novel
  18. The modern traveller
  19. The path to Rome
  20. The river of London
  21. The romance of Tristan and Iseult
  22. The servile state
  23. The two maps of Europe and some other aspects of the great war
  24. This and that and the other
  25. Warfare in England
  26. Waterloo
  27. The four men; a farrago

183 MB direct download zip file contains 27 PDF books
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