Collection of 13 PDF Socialism books by social authors part 2

Collection of good Socialism books

Collection of good 13 PDF Socialism books by social authors part 2

Socialists argue that capitalism consists of irrational activity, such as the purchasing of commodities only to sell at a later time when their price appreciates, rather than for consumption, even if the commodity cannot be sold at a profit to individuals in need and therefore a crucial criticism often made by socialists is that "making money", or accumulation of capital does not correspond to the satisfaction of demand (the production of use-values) 

The fundamental criterion for economic activity in capitalism is the accumulation of capital for reinvestment in production, but this spurs the development of new, non-productive industries that do not produce use-value and only exist to keep the accumulation process afloat (otherwise the system goes into crisis), such as the spread of the financial industry, contributing to the formation of economic bubbles

  1. Essays in Political Economy Socialism and the Socialist Orientation.
  2. International Monopolies and Developing Countries by Nukhovich, Eduard Semenovich
  3. Ireland Her Own An Outline History of the Irish Struggle for National Freedom and Independence.
  4. On Utopian and Scientific Socialism Articles and Speeches by Lenin, Vladimir Ilich
  5. Political Economy of Socialism by G.N. Khudokormov
  6. Psychological War by Volkogonov, Dmitrii Antonovich
  7. Soviet Democracy Principles and Practice by Chernenko
  8. The Logic of History From Capitalism to Socialism Basic Features of the Transition Period by Viktor Neznano
  9. The Rise and Fall of the Gunbatsu A Study in Military History by Y.M. Zhukov
  10. The Role of the Communist Party in Socialist Society
  11. What Are Classes and the Class Struggle by Antonina Yermakova
  12. What Is Dialectical Materialism by Vassily Krapivin
  13. What Is the World Socialist System by G. Pirogov

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