Best 19 Dressmaking - PDF ebooks collection

Best Dressmaking PDF ebooks

Best Dressmaking PDF ebooks

Collection of Best 19 Practical Dressmaking, Sewing and Tailoring books with Illustrations

Though the books are old but contain illustrations and step by step tutorials on the fundamentals of dressmaking for women or men.

Contents of the book collection:

  1. Coates sewing and dressmaking manual .. by Coates, Lydia Trattles
  2. Dressmaking made easy
  3. Dressmaking self-taught in twenty complete lessons by Carens
  4. Every lady her own dressmaker -the scientific lady tailor system for cutting ladies' dresses and coats.
  5. Garment cutting self-taught
  6. Garment drafting by simple rule method
  7. Home dressmaking
  8. Making smart clothes modern methods in cutting, fitting, and finishing
  9. Margaret Blair system of garment drafting
  10. Practical sewing and dressmaking by Allington, Sara May
  11.  N. S. Sheifer's system of designing and grading ladies', misses' & children's garments
  12. The international encyclopedia of scientific tailor principles, for all kinds and styles of garment-making.pdf
  13. The dress you wear and how to make it by Rhoe, Mary Jane
  14. The elements of modern dressmaking for the amateur and professional dressmaker
  15. The ladies' tailor complete instructor
  16. The national garment cutter book of diagrams. Goldsberry & Doran, proprietors
  17. The new dressmaker; with complete and fully illustrated instructions on every point connected with sewing
  18. The practical sketcher; a complete and practical method of sketching, for women's, misses, junior's, children's and infant's garments
  19. Underwear and lingerie

Download Zip file contains 19 books-- 120 MB

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