Universe (1921) PDF book by Various authors

Universe (1921) PDF book

This book unifies or qualitatively solves science, religion, and philosophy--basing everything on experimental, verifiable evidence
Contents :

Introductory remarks.-- pt. 1. Formal unification; or theory of language.-- pt. 2. Concrete unification; or physical science.-- pt. 3. Spiritual unification; or humanics

Excerpt from John Dewey introduction:

Mr. Klyce has invited me to write some prefatory words for his book. In spite of my technical incompetency in physical sciences and realizing the handicap that imposes upon me, I have gladly consented. Although the argument of the book as a whole must finally stand or fall with the treatment of topics where my lack of knowledge makes it impossible for me to have a real judgment, the sincerity and power of the book, and the radical simplicity of its unifying idea give it every claim to a hearing. And judging from the parts where it is possible for me to follow intelligently, I have a strong presentiment the other parts do not go far wrong in a substance: — Mr. Klyce himself makes plenty of allowance for deviations in special points. Mr. Klyce says somewhere in effect that every reader of this book will have in the end to rewrite it for himself. My introductory remarks can not take any other form than re- writing that portion of Part One which sets forth the fundamental logic — or method — of the book. He says that the book unifies or qualitatively solves science, philosophy, and religion. Many cultivated readers will be likely to stop right here. 

While they tolerate or laud classic philosophers for attempting such unification, they associate, with painfully good reason, contemporary professions of such solutions with pretentious ignorance. To make such a claim is the common sign of the incompetent amateur in philosophy and science. My first rewriting is of this phrase. Mr. Klyce emphasizes qualitative unification. He ex- Pressly points out that concrete problems of science and practical life are solved only in living them intelligently. For the word qualitative, we may write the word formal, and contrast it with material unifications. Then we note that such attempts as are in unenviable repute owe their offensive arrogance to claiming material unification. Every philosopher deals with the problem of formal unification, either positively or negatively.

Authored by Klyce, Scudder, 1879-1933; 
Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931; 
Dewey, John, 1859-1952; 
Cooke, Morris Llewellyn, 1872-1960

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