The fundamentals of the English language for non-English-speaking people PDF (1915) by Nicholas C. Andronis

The fundamentals of the English language

The justification and aim of this volume may be stated in the following words:

To present to the non-English-speaking people, by a simple and practical method, the fundamentals of the English language, in order that they may be able to communicate with the people with whom they come in contact in their daily lives; to present to the foreigner the history and development of the American nation, in order that he may appreciate fully its value; to present to the foreigner the form of government of his adopted country, in order that he may vote intelligently. 

The need for a volume that will fulfill this purpose by a condensed but comprehensible method is felt both by the teacher and by the foreigner. The former is confronted with the problem of how to teach the foreigner, and of what system to follow. The latter, seeing the apparent difficulty with which the English language is mastered, gives up all hope of learning the speech of his adopted country. With the experience of several years as a teacher of the English language to foreigners, the author has devised a system that has been given a thorough test in his classroom for four years. 

The results obtained by the students- have proved the good success of the system.

The fundamentals of the English language for non-English-speaking people, including a guide to pronunciation with special drill and practice in reading, the most important principles of English grammar, words, and dialogues covering almost every phase of life, the history and government of the United States with questions and answers on the requirements for admission to American citizenship, and the simplified pronunciation of all words used in the book, and their translation into several languages

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