The French people (1910) PDF book by Arthur Hassall

The French people

The French people

The French people is a pleasantly written book by one who has made a study of French life, particularly on its lighter side.


Four great rivers are to be found in France. Of these, the Rhone flows from north to south between the Alps and the Cevennes and passes Lyons, Vienne, Orange, Avignon, and Aries before it falls into the Medi- terranean. Above Lyons the population is mainly Gallic; below it is to be found Ligurians with traces of Greek and Roman blood. 

The Garonne, which flows from east to west, drains Guienne and Gascony and passes by Bordeaux into the Bay of Biscay. South of this river, in the southwestern corner of France, are still to be found the Basques, an Iberian race who are a dark people, untouched by foreign civilization and attached to seafaring pursuits. 

North of the Garonne the Gallic race is to be found, and it is especially pure between the Garonne and the Loire and between the Loire and Normandy. The Loire itself, like the Garonne, flows from the east of France to the western sea, passing by Nevers, Orleans, Blois, Tours, and Nantes. Near it, the Angevin kings of Eng- land spent much of their time, and the whole region is one of the most interesting, historically speaking, in France.

Author: Arthur Hassall
Date: 1910
Keywords: French History, French people, French life, 

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