The evolution of man and his mind ( 1903 ) by Shobal Vail Clevenger Jr, PDF ebook

The evolution of man and his mind. A history and discussion of the evolution and relation of the mind and body of man and animals

The evolution of man and his mind

Shobal Vail Clevenger Jr. (24 March 1843 in Florence, Italy – 24 March 1920) was an American physician who specialized in nervous and mental diseases.

You will sometimes hear old folks express a wish for a return of the "good old days" of their youth. This disposition of old people to regard recent times as inferior to remote periods is recorded as universal and as a senile characteristic as far back as we can go in history. 

A little reflection shows that modern times are better than the ancient. Recently there were no electric or gas lights, no electric cars or telephones, horses pulled the streetcars. There were no typewriters, bicycles or automobiles, no ice machines, no modern battleships when wooden "men-of-war" moved with sails. 

When the nineteenth century opened there. were no steam cars or steamships. Candles dimly lighted houses and churches that were poorly heated in winter; there were no postage stamps, steel pens, friction matches, sewing machines, photographs, city sewerage, hard coal fires, and machinery of all sorts was very simple, while fruits, vegetables or meats were not canned. 

But the nineteenth century was progressive beyond preceding times, and progress is one of the forms of evolution, the evidence of which are all about us. Today in the world's history we have telegraphs, railways, steamships. Voyages at sea are now made in a few days where formerly sailing vessels used many weeks to go the same distance. We have the daily newspaper and engravings so cheap as to be within the means of the poor.

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